Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday no more

Yesterday is behind me, at last.
No more hours and hours conversing,
laughing, crying and sharing with you.
No more butterflies in my stomach,
longing for the time we met.
But most importantly, no more pain
and heartache, lingering in my soul
every time we parted... I yearned.

A part of me left yesterday.

But all of me is here
Now. Today. Tomorrow. And forever more.
More happy memories. More tranquil existence.
My heart's wide-open for love
for gratitude, for change, for growth.
Without you, it seemed hard. Yet
It is just fine, without you...

Once again, Six Word Fridays from Melissa. Today's topic is Yesterday. Thank you!


  1. With yesterday behind you, anything is possible. Sounds like you are embracing that discovery. :)

  2. @melgallant Yes, I am indeed. Today is definitely better than yesterday, even though I'm still navigating the unknown water. Thanks, Mel :)