Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love Stories

.. revisited..

1. She is very happy that he called her this evening. He rarely calls her but every time he does, she jumped up and down like a high school girl. It takes her hours to get ready to go out with him. She has butterflies in her stomach the whole time, until he arrives at her doorstep. She doesn't know what she should wear. She can't pick out the right eye shadow color or the right perfume. Yet, he never remembers what her favorite dress color is. Or if she has changed her scent for the day. They have a lot of fun doing things together. They have their usual date night - set once a week. If any day he misses, she will be very upset and sad. Yet, he could careless and they would meet up again, like nothing ever happened. Most of the time, she talks, he laughs, and she's happy. She always asks him questions, how his day was, how his work project is going, or if his social group is growing. She knows literally almost everything that goes on in his life. But when they say goodbye, an empty feeling leaves her breathless. She feels insecure not knowing when she will get to see him again, when he will call her the next time.

2. She receives a phone call almost every other day, better yet, an email trail conversation for the day he doesn't call. It makes her happy that he takes the initiative to call because that is not her cup of tea. If he waits for her to call, it would be days. She told him this and he acknowledged. He likes to make plans with her, during the week and in the weekend. It's rare that they don't see each other for longer than a week. Every time they meet, she feels brand new again. And every time, it fills with joy and laughter. He notices if she wears the pink blush for the day, or if she uses a little extra perfume for the special occasion. He makes her feel special by the little things he is attentive to, sometime taking her out of surprise. She understands of his work, especially when he's too busy to be with her. And he is always there for her, when she's down and not feeling well for any reasons. Even if she has a bad night, tossing and turning to fall asleep, deep down in her heart, she knows no matter what happens, she will hear from him again. Better yet, she will get to see him soon.


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