Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Can a girl even get her Wednesday's comfort breakfast around here?
The best biscuit and gravy at the hospital cafeteria. It escaped me today.
I arrived with only one person in line in front of me, 5 minutes before the hotline closed.
And she ordered all three of the remaining biscuits.
I left with nothing!!!

Try my luck - these days.

I couldn't even get my comfort food to ease my soul.
That felt like someone was scrubbing my fresh wound with salt. Ouchie.

I had one of those ouchie moments yesterday.
Dating is hard. Doing the right thing in dating is even harder at times.
I did my right thing. And I received the right thing someone decided upon me.
It was so right I couldn't disagree.

A good friend reminded me that it is about the journey, not the destination.
It's true, but it is difficult to see when your journey leads you to a deadend.
But maybe it is a blessing after all?
Perspective is a tricky one, I'd tell ya.


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