Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dance Baby Dance Dance

I made it to the dance team!! This is the most awesome news these days. I spent several nights last week practicing alone in the gym's studio. It felt "legit". It felt as if I was in my tutu dancing the Swan Lake at age 6. Although I didn't incorporate much of ballet in my 2-minute audition routine, the vaguely-remembered skills helped. Also, thanks to youtube for reminding me of the modern dance moves I inquired back in the college days, a few salsa courses here and there; thanks to a new friend for putting together the music; and thanks for all of the encouragements around.

Now onto practices for the next two months, the big performance is in July. Little or large, I'd be happy to partake in the event. It's for a good cause, and for my own good cause of getting back into dancing. It's definitely a great start. Let's see how I roll with this commitment.

Easter week-end was fun (it began early on Thursday night), get-together, shopping, dinner, drinks, birthday parties, chill time, and WORK, all of them put a toll on me. I was exhausted on Monday. Note to self: it ain't the time when sleeping 3-4 hours was enough anymore. I need at least 7 hours now to fully function. Aging is not at all overrated in this case. I started thinking about all the things I was able to do so easily just a few years ago, but now they come with constraint. Would I rather be me back then, or am I at a good spot, the perfect placement where I am supposed to be? If I could reverse time, would I want to be 23 again - fresh out of college, at 26 entering the corporate world full time or merely 28 mending my broken heart with a chance to start anew? I'd pick 23, with one condition, I'd possess all of the knowledge and wisdom I have now :). But as cliché as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. I needed to go through them to arrive right here, right now. What I take with me forward is what matters.

How about you? What was your best year(s)/age? or is it not here yet? What would be the one thing you wish you could do over? and Why?

(Picture courtesy of Magic Mural Factory)

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  1. I couldn't make it on 3-4 hours a night anymore either! Naps are our friend... ;)